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Yes, as you may have guessed, this page is entirely dedicated to you! Here you will find everything lovely regarding people like you, who we like to call the Sparkle Folks, that have taken a special liking to us. There may also be the occasional stray picture from along and in-between tours. We invite you to stay for a while, take a refreshing breather and have some good fun dragon-style! 

Children of the Rainbow Nation

Those who identify as Children of the Rainbow Nation are fans of Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon who peacefully come together as one people, regardless of differences, to enjoy life to the fullest and live in harmonious good medicine ways with the Mother Earth. They recognize that life isn’t perfect, yet do the best they can to help make it better.

His Majesty, Arlo the Great
Mariah Dawn & Baby Eden
Flippy Frog's Message 4 U
Juniper, Jarrek, Randy & Mariah
Mariah & Rose (Sacred Harvest Fest 2019)
Randy, Alecia, Duane & Mariah
Not Entirely Humans Fans
Xylo & Mariah Dawn
Campfire Fans
Self-Explanatory ;-P
 My Mom & Grandma
Sparkle Folkers 4 Lyfe
Happy Times in Toronto Two Years Back
Paul Ferrise, Randy, & Mariah Dawn
Crestone, Colorado
An Unusual Visitor & Fan
Water is Life
Performing Poetry Speaks
Canadian Dragon Fan with Mariah Dawn
Mariah Dawn with Her Daddy
Scott & Mariah Dawn
Old Brown Banana Fan Art
Yes, We Wholeheartedly Agree
Mariah Dawn with Excited Raptor
Grand Times
306 Sessions in El Paso, Texas
Mariah Dawn with Her Mom
MDSCD with Rob Z. & Friends
Good Humor & Fun
Mariah Dawn & Friends
Healing Laughter & Spirits
Gorgeous Niagara Falls
With the Elder Redwood
Bigfoot & Mariah Dawn
Lea & Mariah Dawn
Montreal Fan Art
John Lennon Memorial & Mariah Dawn
Mariah Dawn & Her Grandmother
Paul, Mariah Dawn & Dragon
Phyllis, David, Mariah, & Randy
Mariah Dawn with New Fan T. Rex
Jim & Mike with Mariah Dawn
With the Elder Cactus
Montreal Fan Art
Amelia & Mariah Dawn

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