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"Great stuff and refreshingly lovely. Good alternative to some of the commercially revved up "popular" music with stars created by the media. Go have a listen."


 Lynda Nanders from Toronto, Ontario, CA

All of our albums are now currently on a pay what you want basis! we made this decision because we know how tough times are financially for so many right now and it is more important to us that our music is able to go out to everyone, everywhere without limitations. some might be concerned that we don't value our music, i'd like to assure everyone that we deeply value our music but at this point, we value our fans most. we are grateful for any payments, you know, cause, we like to eat and get our expenses paid too, hee hee, but all in all pay what you want to and only if you want to <3 we sincerely hope you enjoy the music, that's why we created it. we love you all and thank you for your support!



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Me Too!
Complimenting Lips
Thought Bubble
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