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Mariah Dawn Shepherd

 Hiya, eye’m Mariah. Eye love beauty and bein' silly. Eye love to create beautiful things. One of the things eye love to create most is beautiful music. It is my hope that in creating beautiful music, that beauty is shared with others and helps them feel beautiful too. Eye'm hoping at this point it is apparent to you that eye love beauty, ha! Eye try not to take life too seriously, but eye can’t always step out of that reality. So, eye do my best to focus on the pleasantries in the world we share. Through mine and Randy’s music, we enjoy uplifting others and reminding this wild world that joy and loveliness together is still possible. In listening to our music, it is my sincere hope that you experience the love and joy that we earnestly put into it. A lot of people ask me what Sparkle Folk is? Sparkle Folk is a beautiful feeling (there’s that beauty thing again). It’s that feeling when you’re outside and take a deep breath of fresh air (city dwellers, it is recommended you travel to the unspoiled countryside for this experience). It’s also when you’re watching the sun rise or set in a variety of gorgeous shades of colors. It’s definitely more than words. It’s a unique and invigorating experience. Have you ever seen billions upon billions of twinkling stars in the heavens deep into the cool night? That’s Sparkle Folk. We’re Sparkle Folk. Anyone who loves to feel good, let their inner light shine and share peace, love and joy is too. Everyone is welcome.

Mariah Dawn Shepherd began picking around on the guitar at thirteen. As a young but highly motivated and exceptionally talented musician, she started performing shows and playing venues at age fourteen. Mariah developed her unique singing voice, and guitar-styles by playing covers and watching other performers. In just a few short years, she has played with several excellent guitarists and fine musicians both locally and while traveling. Initially, many artists of the 60s and 70s heavily influenced her. Being a quick learner, she recognized the need to branch out and gain musical knowledge from many genres and time periods, incorporating a vast array of techniques and musical experiences into her original songs and performances. With a blossoming music career as a sparkle folk songstress, she will certainly capture your musical fantasies.

Hawk Feather
For those who want to know more!


Randy here. My passion for music is beyond words and on top of that, I love fun. While my heart belongs to the Muse, my whimsical style comes from many years of entertainment. Dragons' Breath, those magical mystical wisps of ethereal energy, issue forth from our music with enriching displays of tonal harmonics that once existed deep in the crystal caverns of my mind. Joy and playfulness revel in the earth-friendly eco-satisfying songs presented as only a soaring dragon can actualize. Let us be at peace, full of compassion and wisdom with all our brothers, sisters, and relations. May the Grandmother and Grandfather be always with you. 

Randy Widick is an accomplished singer-songwriter. His music has been performed in the UK, Japan, China, Philippines, and here at home throughout the US. As a Senior musician, song-write, and poet; you can hear experience and magical lore in his whimsical ‘Book of Song’. His poetic melodies intertwine musical harmonics, weaving key patterns, and human behavioral modes together to produce an almost sacred sense of awareness. According to Randy, “You don’t have to understand it to enjoy it. When you let it get inside your heart, experience it in the moment, the Muse will carry you along.”

Budding Roses
Turkey Feather
Leafy Green
Randy Widick

Originating from the Ohio River Valley Basin in Southwestern Indiana, this lively and enchanting duo gets in touch with their audience through lighthearted routines in the course of melodic and eloquent musical interactions, delivering powerful performance and homegrown song. Take pleasure in their unique vocal harmonies, counterpoint guitar playing, songs and jams. These well-rounded traveling minstrels are sure to help you attain your listening bliss!


These two passionate musicians bring an original blend of their innovative and fun sparkling folk rock everywhere they perform for the listening enjoyment and quality satisfaction of all! Widely recognized for their potent high-energy and upbeat performances, sporting techniques from several genres, this duo with their deeply touching, ofttimes comical, poetic messages coupled with a shared sense of communal and planetary well-being are sure to satisfy your entertainment delight.

 Performances and songs delivered with wholesome storytelling flare and heartwarming authenticity; Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon won’t leave you feeling musically deprived. Having returned from the last several years of successful touring throughout the United States and Canada performing a wide variety of festivals, theaters, house concerts, coffeehouses, parties and a little of everything in-between, they're filled to the brim with love, joy, and all-around good spirits! See their EPK page for more information regarding festivals they've played at! With an abundance of new song material, their upcoming albums are in the works, their newest release out now (Stir The Primordial Soup)! They are currently working from their seven album releases. This is a genuinely dynamic, fun, and inspiring duo you don't want to miss!

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon
Gentle Beauty
Mariah Dawn Shepherd
Leafy Green
MDSCD 2022
We Love Sharing joy!
Loving Harmony
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