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What a Wyld Ryde

Welcome Traveler,

Due to covid-19, our shows upon the Everything Lovely 2020 Tour have been cancelled. We've decided to optimize our time off from touring and gather new material for upcoming albums. Keep yer chin up friends, though the world seems outta whack and total bonkers, we can't help but remain optimistic that perhaps we'll come out of these massive transformations for the better. We choose to hold this uplifting view, for if we allowed ourselves to wallow in the endless void of despair, we would be consumed into a rather hellish existence and that's not where we'd like to be. So, if you'd like and choose to, join us in this optimistic view and see the tremendous changes that the world collectively is going through (and even personal changes) as something we can harness and create into something even more optimal for ourselves, others and in the highest good of all. We have the power to step outside of the autopilot mode of consciousness and proactively construct ideal realities for ourselves and others in the best possible ways.

How do we do it? That's a good question and that's the first step, asking a question that leads to opening a door and taking a step...and another step...step by step...look at the progress we've already made in this short writing. Keep asking questions about yourself, others, the world, and beyond that. Have the patience and openness to recieve answers and new perspectives. We can choose what we agree with and don't, but attempt to balance in the middle with the occasional shifting from side to side as to stay in motion and not become stagnant. It's okay if someone doesn't agree with how we think the world should be, if we have enough solidity and security within ourselves, a sense of threat more than likely won't bother us, the insecurity is gone. Let's live in good ways together, harming none. Even when it seems there is nowhere else to turn, there are always options, if you can't think of any, ask for guidance and wait for it to come to you.

Life works in magical and mysterious ways, there's so many different ways to be and it is my hope that we as a collective and even personally, work in good medicine ways with ourselves, each other, the planet and the all. I truly think that we all, human and non-human, have an important role to play in the majesty of creation. Let's evolve out of unnecessary suffering. Let's expand our heart energies to create interdependently the most beautiful, nourshing and thriving realities we can conceive. We have the power, let's use it for good of all and again, harm none...

My two cents worth, friends. Of course, respectfully, you don't have to agree with any of it. That's the beauty of it.

Love Ya, Mariah Dawn

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