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What is Sparkle Folk?

We've been asked a few healthy times more than once...what is sparkle folk? While sitting in-between show stops in St. Augustine, Florida - I've decided to expound somewhat on this rather......sparkly subject! ;-D

In 2016, as Randy (the Covert Dragon) and Eye were returning to the United States from touring Canada, we stopped for a visit with Randy's daughter in Louisville, Kentucky. Since we both (obviously) love purple, out of the blue (hee hee) Randy thought he would pick up some purple nail polish to paint his toes with. While we were in the store a-searchin', we also came upon an itty bitty beautiful sparkly bottle of nail polish. Unusually excited by our find, we returned back to his daughter's house. Later that eve, Randy pulled out the bottle of purple polish and started to paint not only his fingernails but toenails as well! As the purple coat dried, he took out the bottle of the sparkly polish and ran it over the latter. Alas *glorious music resounds from some unknown sphere in the ethers*, by his own words and my excited agreement, Sparkle Folk was born!


There is more to this sparkly story than meets the surface. On a side note, doesn't it seem to be that way a lot in life? *rides away on a space kitten through the cosmos pondering existential things* Okay, I’ve returned, sometimes you have to take a ride through the cosmos on a space kitten otherwise, what’s the point? Well, I guess a lot of points BUT, drag me back to what I was talking about before I was drawn away with other nonsensical ramblings (gee, those are fun). Also in 2016, before Randy decided to paint his nails, both of us were spending a lot of time in a beautiful ancient woodland area in Southern Illinois gone by the name of the Shawnee National Forest where ancient rock formations abound. In the area is a fluorite crystal mine. We would visit the crystal mine on a leisurely day and hunt for the pretty little pieces of fluorite which we now place on our merch table for others to freely have (yes, we’ve harvested A LOT). In the sunlight on a warm day, the fluorite crystals would shine beautifully. Sometimes we could see rainbows in them and other interesting, cough, things. We became known as the Sparkle Folk Clan (from the rainbow-laden sparkling fluorite crystals) who would journey the Shawnee National Forest on spontaneous fun adventures that fulfilled our beings in deeply satisfying ways (please don’t kill the forests, they’re so wonderful). To this day, known to hardly anyone (except now), we are still known by that name.

Sparkle Folk isn’t a one or two meaning thing only, though. Sparkle Folk is a continually evolving experience that enriches not only our lives in magically musical ways but our most favorite, the lives of all who we come into contact with (we like to think even beyond that because, why not?). I like to think of Sparkle Folk as our music goes out into the world helping the all in some way or another. When we perform shows or simply play our guitars in a more intimate setting, Sparkle Folk is music that helps a person feel so good that they are filled to the brim with golden sparkling light and heart-felt happiness, touching them on deeper levels of awareness that help them in whatever way they may need help, known and unknown – or simply to give an extra boost to an otherwise fully healthy and happy being (it feels good to thrive!). Sparkle Folk is the vibrantly present rainbow after a heavy storm with a dreamy quality all around, it’s the tears in a person’s eyes as they shed what no longer serves their highest good and it’s the world coming together in earth-friendly ways of being for the best interest of the Mother Earth and the highest good of all concerned. Sparkle Folk encompasses the all in the best way possible, it touches the source and brings that into the here and now fully together in inexhaustible abundance for all to share. Sparkle Folk is learning and growing, doing the best we can (even if that best may seem like a low point), and making full circle the highest potential of humanity and beyond. This is what Sparkle Folk means to me, what does Sparkle Folk represent for you? Are you part of the Sparkle Folk Clan? Let us know.

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