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New Album in the Making!

For the last two weeks, we have been engaged in recording our fifth and newest album at Rhythm Priest Productions with some wonderful people. Sharing the same land with Atchingtan Learning Center, a place for people and life, this learning center is a 30-acre nature retreat located outside of Finlayson, Minnesota. Borrowed from their Facebook page via the About section, Atchingtan Learning Center is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and education purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3). The purpose of Atchingtan Learning Center is:

• Offer experiential environmental learning experiences to groups or individuals. • Provide the opportunity to experience happiness, healing, inspiration, or solace within unspoiled natural surroundings. • Provide sustainable land management education to those who would otherwise not have access to them. • Educate the public on the importance of environmental preservation through natural means including the importance of sustainable permaculture environmental concepts.

We had an absolutely magical time recording at Atchingtan with Paul Ferrise as well as spending quality experiences with his wife, Janette, and the woofers involved. We highly recommend Atchingtan Learning Center to anyone who is interested in the above statements.

As for the upcoming album……WHOA.

We’re beyond excited with the professional engineering and producing work of Paul Ferrise, this album is going to take off fast when it releases. Being a nine track album of songs written between Mariah Dawn Shepherd and Randy Widick (the Covert Dragon), these tracks are bursting with life, vibrancy, and color. Unlike our last four albums; there will be drums, violin, cello, woodwind instruments, and other surprises on this new work. The songs will present beloved harmonies and sweet feelings as well as down to Earth and deep touching lyrical messages for all to receive. The guitars used on this album are as follows: 6-string acoustic Morgan Monroe guitar, 8-string bouzouki, 6-string electric Hagstrom guitar, 12-string Alvarez Yari guitar, and a 4-string Charvel bass guitar. Each of these instruments add their own unique flavor to this album’s tasty mix; all instruments are tuned in the healing vibrations of 432Hz instead of the familiar 440Hz. We’re expecting this album to be ready for release around the beginning of the new year of 2019.

There was much happiness, laughter, and smiles during the recording sessions. Other times we all put in our fair share of hard work to get where we wanted to go, sometimes we would re-record over a dozen times to finally get the song how we wanted it to be. Who says recording is easy? The final product is truly awesome but the work and sacrifice put into the sessions is ultimately what gets us there. We’re grateful for this exchange and we think everything we go through in the studio from pure magical happiness to moments where we have to walk out to take a breather so we don’t fall over from exasperation is worth it every bit. This is how we’re able to bring you the best product, from our loving dedication and ceaseless perfectionism; of course, we realize we can’t be perfect all the time so we gladly accept some imperfection here and there. When the album releases, be on the look-out for more blog notes on how and why the songs were written the way they were, what went on during those song sessions, and other fun details as well as interesting stories on the overall production and experience.

Namaste (I Bow to You)

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