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Good Things En Route for 2018!


We're excited to announce a few delightful things we have heading your way for this fresh new year.

Currently, we're solidly booked to perform two enthralling and unforgettable concerts at dazzling festivals this Summer. Since the year is young, we're anticipating more tour dates popping up hither and yon along our journey ways. Our first concert is scheduled at the Earth House Midsummer Gather (Dancing Into the Underworld) at Eagle Cave, Wisconsin. Visit their official website here for more information regarding this festival and their other activities: - Our next venture will be at the Sacred Harvest Festival in Atchingtan, Minnesota. The schedule for this camping festival hasn't been released yet. Aside from our concert, we will host our first free workshop entitled "Songwriting & Music Appreciation". Additional information will be posted once it is firmly established. Please visit Sacred Harvest's official website for more information regarding who they are, what they do and what is in store for this round: Both festivals are greatly promising for a fun and fulfilling time had by all...!

We are planning to release three of our newest albums this year. One album is a skillfully arranged instrumental release that we're dubbing Innovative Folk Rock Meditation. Our purpose putting together this tasty, relaxing, and deeply satisfying six track instrumental piece is to help the listener unwind in enriching fantasy lands of bliss and enjoyment. The music is recorded in the universal healing frequency of 432 Hz and a wide range of instruments are employed throughout the album ranging from shakers, rattlers, drums, guitars both acoustic and electric, bass, bells, etc. all put together with detailed intention. We look forward to releasing this album in 2018 for our friends, family, fans, and all else.

The next exhilarating album is a colorful and whimsical blend of Mariah Dawn Shepherd's personal down-home songwriting and shared music composing with the Covert Dragon. Rightfully entitled "Tend My Garden", this album's humble theme is nothing shy of firsthand experiences with the inspiring realm of nature. Delicately merged together with Mariah's distinctive yet modest writing and musical style coupled with the Covert Dragon's fiery captivating infusions, this uncommon yet exceptional album will fill your heart with rapture and contentment. It may even help lovingly open long-lost doors of perception.

The final album release for 2018 grandly ties together the whole shebang. This will be a unique and first of its kind blend of songwriting and musical composing formed of Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon's vividly brilliant and rich artwork from their innermost selves. Whereas in past ventures, songwriting via albums like Equivocal Dreams, Woodsy Mushrumps, and A Date With Myself has been written solely by Mariah Dawn Shepherd and Randall of Greenwood: Regeneration has exclusively been written by Randy Widick (the Covert Dragon) - this forthcoming album will have songs jointly written and composed by both Mariah and Randy. It will be an extravaganza in its own right! With steadfast confidence, we boldly say it teeters on the edge of masterpiece!

So, we both urge you to stay tuned, hee hee, and fasten yourself for this wild yet deeply rewarding ride!

All music produced by Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon is produced in 432 Hz (except Equivocal Dreams and Randall of Greenwood: Regeneration).

For more information regarding the universal healing frequency of 432 Hz and why we use it, please visit these websites and research further for yourself: and

Well Wishes & Everything Lovely,

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon

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