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Here We Are & There You Are!

,How much fun is this? After dedication and delightful workings, we finally have our brand new official website unveiled to share all lovely things regarding our musical journeys with you!

We have every thanks to give to you and everyone, known and unknown, who helped to inspire this dream come true. We'd like to first and foremost thank you for being here reading this and visiting our site. We find that with a true heart's desire coupled with the loving motivation necessary to help drive an action of monumental goodwill, anything wonderful can come to be! How great is that?!

On that note, the Covert Dragon and Eye invite you to hang around for a while and get to know us, perhaps take a leisurely stroll to the Gallery and see some sweet shots of us from our latest adventures! Perhaps even, you'd like to visit our Music section and be filled to the brim with good vibrations galore, I like that option a lot, it's a great place, I enjoy visiting there often. ;-) Of course, as with any courteous steward, we gladly and rightly leave it up to you to explore and find what you enjoy best. Do check by our site regularly, for in this place, one never knows what new, exciting, and unusual things will be popping up and coming about!

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